Sweet New Treats Available at Milk Bar Store!

Milk Bar Store has launched a few new menu items. Discover them below!

These rich and fudgy truffles are made with chocolate-chocolate cake cuttings, soaked in pretzel-infused milk, and rolled in crushed-up pretzels — all in one crunchy, cakey, salty-sweet bite.
Seriously satisfy your sweet (and salty) tooth! Three layers of
double chocolate chip cake sandwiched with pretzel crumbs, dulce de leche, pretzel cheesecake, and dulce de leche frosting. It’s gooey, it’s fudgy, it’s crunchy. Available whole or by the slice.
Rich devil’s food cake flavor with a hint of cream cheese frosting. Like dipping your finger into the batter bowl. Always comes with just a sprinkle of sprinkles on top! Also offered in Shakes & Quakes. (Available through May 19th)

Milk Bar Store
1090 I Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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