Giorgio Armani Now Open

Discover the Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2021 Collections at the new Giorgio Armani boutique at CityCenter.

Giorgio Armani’s style flows in a perpetual evolution, forever retaining a sense of linearity, the preciousness of subtlety, a soft precision that enhances femininity and personality. This season is rich in gentle, romantic touches. The collection moves in an ethereal, nocturnal atmosphere and, even in broad daylight, brings the silky glow of velvet.

Giorgio Armani has always been fascinated by the psychology of dressing. He explores the nuances and passages in a very natural way. The journey into a world of typically Armanian ease follows a chromatic path that switches between natural hues, deep blues and black, alongside flashes of leather, brightened by velvet.

The male-female contrast is a dialogue between night and day, with blacks mixed with blues, luminous flashes, velvet bows. The flat shoes and the bags are a unifying feature, with their simple, geometric design.

Giorgio Armani
975 I St NW
Washington, DC

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