The Way of the Problem Solver

Thursday, December 5th, 7pm-9pm

Join Arc’teryx in-store on Thursday, December 5th, from 7pm through 9pm, to meet three local Problem Solvers from the Washington community. Each speaker will present what inspires their work. Come and show your support—Vote for the project that hits closest to your heart. Good times guaranteed!

Reserve your spot to the event here.


James Forbes: After noticing the need for a climbing shoe that could fit over an ankle foot orthosis (AFO), he set out to find a shoe that could help his fellow climber. Finding nothing on the market, he set out to design and create this own adaptive climbing shoe to fit over an AFO. This way his fellow climbers could maintain the ankle support they require, as well as reap the numerous benefits a good climbing shoe can offer.

Dan Bernstein: An applied researcher who uses data science to illustrate social issues to inform public policy. He is a co-founder of Safe Lane, a cloud application that applies deep learning to traffic video feeds to identify bike lane obstacles and analyze patterns to aid city planning and safety enforcement.

John Gannon: Veterans Expeditions (VetEx) is a veteran-run, veteran-led non-profit that uses outdoor challenges to connect veterans, create community, build self-esteem, and raise awareness about the issues facing veterans as they transition back to civilian life. Over the past year we have been cultivating an outdoor community fully committed to one another by leveraging veteran leadership skills that reconnects service members with the land they fought for. We value quality time spent in the wild, and promote life changing mental health through outdoor experiences. We use the outdoors to create a trusting veteran community that not only exists during trips, but also extends beyond the outdoors to provide support to veterans in their home communities.