The Art of the Craft

Attention to detail. Passion for quality. Discover all the ways we’re celebrating the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship this month at CityCenterDC.


Everyone has their own definition of luxury. For some, it might be an indulgent dinner at an award-winning restaurant; for others, maybe a finely crafted watch, handbag, or automobile. But the thread that connects every true luxury item or experience is craftsmanship. The painstaking details, the generations of artisanal knowledge, the human touch that conveys a lifetime of study and practice. Whether it’s a Bulgari bracelet or a Burberry trench, there’s an emotional value that stems from the care and skill required to craft a luxury product; that value is reflected in our tradition of preserving treasured items and passing them down to future generations.

At CityCenterDC, you’ll experience the renowned craftsmanship of some of the world’s most iconic brands—brands that invest in artisanal legacies and, often, keep them alive for centuries.
We invite you to linger over the delicate stitching on an Italian wool suit, the perfect setting that cradles a breathtaking diamond, or the one-of-a-kind gift that will spark joy for years. As we at CityCenterDC like to put it, the delight is in the details.


Tiffany & Co.

The brand is taking an unprecedented step towards transparency this month, becoming the first first global luxury jeweler to share the full journey of its newly sourced, individually registered diamonds. View Craftsman Journey


This renowned purveyor of fine silver flatware and home accessories relies entirely on handmade manufacturing in its workshops in Normandy, where 160 artisans keep centuries-old traditions alive.


Since 1934, Canali has been synonymous with iconic Italian tailoring. While modern innovations have streamlined the production process, expert tailors still oversee the delicate assembly and finishing phases. View Video


Maria Grazia Chiuri has revamped the iconic Lady Dior bag as the Lady D-Lite, made from canvas for a fresh, youthful feeling, with the brand’s legendary craftsmanship on display via the more than one million embroidered stitches.  View Video

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