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Haute for the Holidays

To continue the holiday cheer throughout the season, CityCenterDC debuted Haute for the Holidays, a stunning tree installation in collaboration with Washington DC’s beloved artists Maggie O’Neill, Annie Broderick, Kate Campagna, Edwin Merino, and No Kings Collective.

Discover each artists’ trend-setting interpretation of a festive holiday tree. Walk through a mesmerizing display of nine-foot trees in various materials, textures, colors, and artistic styles. Each step will reveal a fresh artistic surprise and perspective, inviting visitors to go on a chic holiday journey.

Annie Broderick


“Aurelia” is a prestigious feminine name meaning “golden one” that signifies an individual who is sophisticated, beautiful, intelligent, and strong. She’s classy and sassy! This sculpture features fluid, organic, elegant folds that spill down and wrap around the tree base, as if liquid gold was poured out of an invisible spout and then hardened into metal. Materials: designer vinyl, liquid rubber, aluminum screen, paint

Annie Broderick lives and works as an artist in northern Virginia. Inspired by high fashion, Broderick combines her love of avant-garde, draping, textiles, and hard/soft contrast to create wall sculptures and other sculptural works that celebrate the duality of strength and grace.


Edwin Merino

Eucalyptus Deglupta (The Colorful Tree)

In a digital world, we look past letters and font because they have become uniform, but with sign painting it is good to slow down and appreciate the unique characteristics of each letter to realize how amazing and different they are. As vintage sign painting was created by hand, the characters are sometimes as unique as people in real life. No two letters are the same, with different heights, colors, texture, and raises. It’s these “imperfections” that make them unique.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C. Edwin Merino started his art career in graffiti/street art and eventually branched out to other mediums such as traditional American sign painting. This process, evolved from graffiti, helped him break up the traditional look of sign painting making it feel alive and ‘off the canvas’. Merino is also an accomplished muralist and large-scale painter. He is an accomplished exhibition designer, with a particular focus in art hanging and layout design. Merino has painted public art locally and nationally with No Kings Collective for over a decade, and also curates pop-up projects and artwork in the district exhibiting with other local artists.


Kathrine Campagna

Family Circus

The holidays often come with complex layers of emotions— it’s important to make light in the darkest days of winter. We make our own merriment, often by donning our gay apparel. Perhaps this comically large party hat will help keep things in perspective. This holiday is, after all, a festive celebration of finding light in the dark.

Kathrine Campagna is a mixed-media artist based in DC. Campagna’s work often touches on subjects based on nostalgia, satire, and the grotesque. Her work centers around the exaggeration of American expectations and expectations of gender roles. Her use of found objects mixed with paint and printmaking further exhibits the layered complex reality young women experience today. Campagna also curates pop-up shows in Washington D.C., exhibiting local artists, and has painted with No Kings Collective for over 10 years.


Maggie o n’eill

Thank You for Being a Friend

A holiday tree inspired by the Golden Girls. ‘Tis the season to celebrate friendship, laughter, joy, and silliness.

Maggie O’Neill is a Washington, D.C.-based artist, designer, entrepreneur, and activist with 20+ years of experience supporting the city’s creative community through her multifaceted work. Her integral role as one of the District’s cultural leaders at the intersection of arts and hospitality is a culmination of her creative design firm SWATCHROOM’s robust portfolio of restaurants and commercial spaces and her community-focused projects including pop-ups, murals and other spaces designed to be inclusive and spark open dialogue. With 55+ commercial spaces in the District, a complete reimagining of the iconic Willard Hotel and countless other creative projects both locally and internationally, she is uniquely positioned to continue pushing the envelope of the impact design can have on meaningful change and artistic freedom in the nation’s capital. When she’s not moving the needle on D.C. design, she is making original pop impressionist works of art, creating products and merchandise tied to a myriad of creative projects in Morocco and beyond, and fueling her passion for activism through her Vote For Your Daughter national campaign and exhibit.


Brandon Hill

Big Hugs and Kisses

This tree is an homage to the holidays. What defines all cultures are the “Traditions” whether that be the harvest, the new year or something of a religious nature. Those are our shared communal memories. They act also as invitations for others to invite people into their perspective. It’s bringing over food, cooking in the kitchen with friends and family, it’s “clinking” glasses for a toast, jumping over a broom, it’s kids running around the house, it’s making a big batch of cookies with an elder, or lighting a candle each night in honor of your ancestors sacrifice. The artwork is a nod to the power and kindness we express with big hugs and kisses. The work is painted with enamel, acrylic, pencil, with a clear coat.

Brandon Hill (b. 1983, Baltimore, Md.; lives and works in Washington, D.C.) draws on his fascination with materiality, history and the urban landscape to shape his multidisciplinary art practice. His work spans from 1” sculptures made from Lego to murals that wrap full buildings. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, and he has shown across the country. He is also a co-founder of All Day Projects, No Kings Collective and Please Bring Chips.

@Chickens.of.Insta  /  @AllDayProjects1 

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