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Rules & Regulations

The CCDC Common Area Association has adopted the following rules and regulations:

  • Entrance into the Common Areas is only permitted during the posted hours.
  • All applicable city ordinances apply.
  • A person requested to leave the Common Areas by authorized personnel must do so immediately.
  • No person may deface, destroy, injure, misuse, or remove any of the property in the Common Areas.
  • All trash and recycling must be deposited in the appropriate receptacle, including pet waste.
  • No person may deposit refuse from private premises in the trash receptacles.
  • All animals must be kept on a leash pursuant to the District of Columbia law. Owners must be in control of the leashed animal at all times and may not abandon the animal within the Common Areas.
  • Lost objects found must be turned over to the Common Areas Management Office and may be recovered with proper identification. Lost objects will be held for three (3) months.

Common Areas guidelines prohibit:

  • Drug or Alcohol use
  • Smoking in the Park, Plaza, Palmer Alley, or within 25 feet of building entrances or exits while on the sidewalks
  • Urination or defecation
  • Bicycle riding and parking, skateboarding, or rollerblading
  • Organized ballgames
  • Entering or removing any landscape or water feature
  • Toys within the fountains
  • Laying down in the Plaza fountains
  • Running through the fountains or splashing the water
  • Disrobing and/or wearing bathing suits in the Common Areas
  • Playing in the Plaza fountains after 9pm
  • Feeding pigeons
  • Sleeping
  • Camping or overnight use of the Common Areas
  • Picnicking
  • Soliciting
  • Rummaging in trash receptacles
  • Obstruction of the Common Areas entrances
  • Boisterous conduct, vulgar and profane language
  • Sexually explicit behavior or any other indecent act including sexual harassment

The following actions are strictly prohibited unless proper permit or approval by the CCDC Common Area Association is obtained and in possession:

  • Amplified music or sound
  • Gambling
  • Grilling of any kind
  • Possession or use of fireworks or pyrotechnics
  • Public displays of any kind
  • Performances of any kind
  • Commercial activity including photography or filming
  • Placement of any signage, flier, or advertisements within the space or on any landscape feature
  • Erection of structures of any kind

Violations of the aforementioned items will result in action by Hines which may include:

  • Verbal warning
  • Suspension from the Common Areas
  • Liability for any damage to the property resulting from acts of the participant, either solely or in concert with others
  • Criminal prosecution under the laws of the District of Columbia

The Common Areas at CityCenterDC consists of The Park at CityCenter, The Plaza at CityCenter, and Palmer Alley. The Common Areas are operated by the CCDC Common Area Association. This entity has contracted Hines to manage the operations of the Common Areas. Hines maintains a Common Areas property management office on the Concourse Level of the project, which can be located by accessing the glass elevators located at the CityCenterDC Gateway Media Arch and travelling one floor down.

The CCDC Common Area Association reserves the right to modify, alter or change any of the rules and regulations governing The Park at CityCenter, The Plaza at CityCenter, and Palmer Alley.

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