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With spring in full swing, CityCenterDC is set on getting active, savoring superb design and carving out special moments for our undeniably deserving moms.



“The energy of my kids and their appetite for life—they’re always pushing me to be a better mom.”


In our newest column, Person of Interest, we spotlight a cool local who walks us through the DC they know and love. This month, we’re introducing you to Heloise Condroyer, a DC-based French expat who’s carved out a family-friendly routine with her sons, Eliott, age 11 and Arthur, age 8. Here, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, she shares their district hotspots, what makes their bond so special and her hopes for their futures.


What’s a day in the life of a modern mom look like?

“I have two crazy boys that make my life happy and busy. Like so many siblings their age, they are best friends but also they argue constantly, so I have to get them out of the house! Together, we love to get out a lot, to get some fresh air, as well as visit museums. I love listening to French songs with my sons in the car. We are all singing and enjoying the long rides during the weekend activities.”

What are your favorite qualities in your children?

“The energy of my kids and their appetite for life—they’re always pushing me to be a better mom. I want to be there for them, as they are smart and hungry for more all the time. It’s an everyday challenge to keep up, be positive and give them direction in their lives. As a parent, we need to guide them to be good citizens and succeed in what they want to be.”

How would you spend the perfect day perusing CityCenterDC?

“The amazing thing about CityCenterDC is that it’s for everyone! When we are spending the weekend together, we love to walk or bike there, go to the Museum of Illusions as a family activity and then stop at Dolcezza to get an icecream after. Having fun together builds upon our bond and grows our memories together. Not to mention the wild pictures we take there—we are always laughing at them after!”

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